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NICCA Membership is open to any CCDF grantee, business, non-profit, or individual wishing to support our efforts to improve early care and education for Tribal children and families.

Tribal CCDF grantee membership is open to Tribal CCDF grantees only. Business and non-profit membership is open to any business or non-profit. Individual membership is open only for individuals supporting NICCA's mission.

In accordance with NICCA By Laws, employees of Tribal CCDF grantee programs must register as a Tribal CCDF grantee member. Click here for the complete terms and benefits of NICCA membership. Beginning in FY2019, Tribal CCDF grantee membership dues are based upon CCDF allocation. Please visit the complete terms to determine your membership dues or click here to find your CCDF program dues (for FY2021).

If you are not already on the correct page, you can join NICCA as a Tribal CCDF grantee, business, or non-profit here or as an individual member here or by toggling between Organization User and Individual User on the above green button.